Driving in School Kelmscott, Perth WA, for Your Driving Lessons in Perth & Its Surrounding Suburbs

When learning to drive a car, it’s vital that the driving instructor be highly experienced in both operating a car as well as in teaching how to do so. If you live in and around Perth WA. and need driving lessons we will make sure you can pass your license examination on the first attempt. Our Subhas driving School in Kelmscott in Perth WA, assures and are capable of offering a complete series of driving instruction services. That includes manual and automatic cars with multi-lingual instruction services. We offer fantastic prices on our different packaged options.

Our Mission & Vision

Road safety is a key concern section for both the people and the Government on Australian roads. Safe driving today requires a higher level of competence and confidence, given the increasing number of vehicles, lack of professionalism in driving and sometimes even untrained drivers on road.

Our Mission is to promote safe driving. We provide each student with a solid foundation of knowledge and skills to help them become a safe, responsible, and confident driver. No driver instructor would want to teach a student in anything but the best cars driving lessons. At Subhash Driving School our instructors are realistic about the number of driving lessons you need. They will tell you about your good as well as poor driving habits and they will try their level best to provide you the correct and the best driving training without worrying about losing your business & money.

At Subhash Driving School training module is the most critically major process in developing the basic skills for driving. The perfect initiation for learners new to Subhash Driving is safer driving. This 60-90 minute lesson allows extra time for your instructor to determine your skills, confidence, knowledge, and to build a custom lesson plan for ongoing lessons. While you are in our car and receiving your driving lessons, your instructor will be beside you, teaching in an easy-going, consultative manner sure to put you at ease.

Cars Available for test

A test drive, of course. Making the most of it is a simple matter of common sense, careful observation, and knowing what to look for. Read on for how to prepare yourself for this all-important knowledge and what to keep track of when taking a new car out for the first time.

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